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Medical Disorders
Basic Information

Medical Disorders

Welcome to our Medical Disorders topic area. In this family of topic centers you will find information concerning common medical disorders. We've attempted to provide, in simple language, an explanation of what each illness is, how it occurs, what its symptom profile looks like, and ways that it can be treated. We have also looked at these illnesses with an eye to prevention, highlighting ways that people can avoid or minimize the impact of these dieseases on their lives.

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    A Note on Disorder Classification

    Most all disorders impact people at all levels: biologically, psychologically, socially and spiritually. The task of classifying a disorder as 'medical' as opposed to 'psychological' or 'mental' is thus sometimes a difficult one.

    In this website, we've used three primary categories to describe disorders: 'medical', 'mental' and 'wellness'. We don't pretend however, that ...

    Latest News
    Streptococcal Throat Infection Linked to Mental Disorders
    Cognitive Decline Linked to Visual Field Variability
    New Cholesterol Fighting Meds Target Key Gene
    Eye Problems May Be Tied to Zika, Lab Study Suggests
    Sleepless Nights Could Pose Heart Risk Dangers
    Taking Opioids Before Knee Surgery Could Raise Pain Later
    Study Casts Doubt on Need for Statins in the 'Healthy Old'
    Just 2 Weeks on the Couch Can Trigger Body's Decline
    'Healthy Obese' May Be a Myth
    New Device Approved for Esophageal Birth Defect
    Eat This Diet to Lower Your Odds for Painful Gout
    Zika Risk May Be Lower Than Thought for Some Pregnant Women
    Do Your Knees Crackle and Pop?
    4 in 10 People Will Suffer Arthritic Hands Over Lifetime
    New Rx for Sleeping Pills Can Up Risk of Hip Fracture
    Weight Loss Can Decelerate Knee Joint Degeneration
    Too Few Americans Know the Warning Signs of Stroke
    Hearing Tests May Miss Common Form of Hearing Loss
    Can Dropping Some Weight Save Your Knees?
    Brineura Approved for Rare Genetic Illness Affecting Kids
    U.S. Moves to Avert Shortage of Yellow Fever Vaccine
    Genetic Variant Tied to MS and Systemic Lupus Identified
    Docs May Miss Major Cause of Vision Loss in Seniors
    AAP Stresses Medical Home Best for Acute Health Concerns
    Women More Sensitive to Metal Joint Implants Than Men: Study
    Model Predicts Which Pediatric ER Patients Likely to Be Admitted
    Waist Size, Not Weight, May be Key to Life Span
    The Top 5 Conditions That Shorten Americans' Lives -- And Are Preventable
    Do Diet Sodas Pose Health Risks?
    No Link Between Common Antibiotic, Irregular Heartbeat
    Epilepsy: Another Potential Zika Threat to Babies
    What's the Best Seasonal Allergy Med for Your Kid?
    A Healthier Weight May Mean Fewer Migraines
    1st Drug for Tardive Dyskinesia Approved
    Health Tip: Recognizing Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance
    Xanax, Valium May Boost Pneumonia Risk in Alzheimer's Patients
    How to Protect Yourself From Air Pollution
    FDA Approves Hep C Drugs for Kids 12 and Older
    Music May Soothe the 'Savage Beast' of Post-Op Pain
    Smoking May Raise Risk of Complications After Joint Surgery
    Red Cell Distribution Width Predicts Surgical Complications
    Birth Defects Strike 1 in 10 U.S. Pregnancies Affected by Zika
    Infections More Common in People With Schizophrenia
    Scientists Probe Zika's Path to the Fetus
    For Firefighters, Another Danger: The Heart
    As Weight Goes Up, So Does Death Risk
    Sleepless Nights, Unhealthy Hearts?
    Hep B, C Could Be Eliminated As Public Health Threats by 2030
    Proton Pump Inhibitor Use Ups Pneumonia Risk in Dementia
    Common Post-Op Ear Drops Tied to Eardrum Perforations in Kids
    Questions and Answers
    Different Types of Anemia
    Taking Energy Drinks to Heart
    Crohn's vs Ulcerative Colitis
    Headache or Migraine?
    Getting Radiation During Breast Cancer Surgery
    What You Don’t Know About AFib May Hurt You
    Adult Onset Asthma
    Healthy Eating for a Diabetic
    Younger People Slower to get Diabetes Diagnosis
    Recognizing Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes
    Diabetes: Know Your Numbers
    Cold or Allergy?
    What You REALLY Need to Know about Ebola
    Signals You May be Ready for Joint Replacement
    Slowing the Spread of Superbugs
    E.Coli Facts
    Diabetes Doesn’t Disappear
    Get Smart About Antibiotics: For Patients and Parents
    When Do You Need an Antibiotic?
    Are You Having a Heart Attack?
    The Journey of Palliative Care: Putting Quality Back Into Life
    Diabetes- What You Don't Know Could Hurt You
    Why Second Opinions Are Good for Patients
    Follow Your Gut: Microbiomes and Aging
    Treating Migraines
    Reading the Stroke Signs
    Belly Fat Danger Revealed
    If I Had - A Child With Asthma Video
    Prevention and Control of Skin Cancer
    Tackling Concussions
    Carpal Tunnel: Who Gets It?
    Asthma 101
    Health and Wellness: Taking a Stand Against Sitting
    Back Pain: Oh My Aching Back
    Itching for Answers: Testing Your Allergy IQ
    Keeping Kidneys Safe - Know How Medicines Affect the Kidneys
    The Role of Family History in Breast Cancer
    What is Diabetes
    Do your part to stop the spread of flu at home
    Could You Have Prediabetes?
    Are You at Risk for Kidney Disease?
    Do your Symptoms Add Up to Diabetes
    Breakdown on AFib
    Non-Smokers Getting Lung Cancer
    Connecting with a Cardiologist
    A Hot Treatment for Asthma
    Who Needs a Flu Vaccine?
    Keeping Up with Heart Failure
    Turning the Immune System Against Lung Cancer
    Dealing with Menopause, Naturally
    Managing Chronic Disease Pays Off
    Beyond the Data -- Dengue and Chikungunya in Our Backyard: Preventing Aedes Mosquito-Borne Diseases
    Peanut Allergies: A Bigger Threat to Kids with Asthma
    Liver Disease and Anxiety and Depression
    Improving Muscle Health
    Stroke Prevention Diagnosis and Treatment Options Webinar
    Cancer Clinical Trials: What is a Clinical Trial?
    Zika Virus
    Young People May Need Colonoscopy
    Working to Eliminate Measles Around the Globe
    Colorectal cancer: A disease of development
    Huntington Disease
    Diet and Kidney Stones: A Patient's Guide
    Facts about the Measles (MMR) Vaccine
    Love Your Heart. Everyday Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy and Strong
    Breast Cancer Risk And Lifestyle Strategies to Reduce It
    Does my Child Have Asthma and How Should it be Treated?
    Superbugs Moving From Hospitals to Homes
    Infectious Disease Expert Explains MERS
    New Treatment Option for Women with Advanced Breast Cancer
    An Evidence-Based Approach to Youth Sports Concussions
    How to Prevent and Detect Skin Cancer
    Concussion Guide for Parents
    How Your Immune System Works
    How the Digestive System Works
    Living with Lactose Intolerance
    Avian Flu
    Faster Healing for Abdominal Surgery
    The Road to Zero: CDC’s Response to the West African Ebola Epidemic, 2014–2015
    Avoiding Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke
    Preventing Salmonella and E. coli
    Adults: Do You Know What Vaccines You Need?
    Seasonal Allergies
    Game Change in Treating Heart Attack
    Beyond the Data Update -- Climate Change and Health
    Increased Rates of Pregnancy Complications in Women with Celiac Disease
    Behavioral Health Response to Ebola
    Learning & cognitive difficulties in children: Challenges after a head injury, including concussion
    Low Testosterone Often Spells Low Bone Density
    WHO: Prevent hepatitis
    Allergy Overload
    Vaccines for Lyme Disease - Past, Present, and Future
    Becoming a Living Liver Donor: Evaluation, Risks, and Recovery
    Breaking Down Hip Fractures
    Working on Your Back Pain
    The Heartburn-Asthma Connection
    Stop the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance
    Vaccinations and Immunizations
    Influenza, an Unpredictable Threat
    Sport Concussions in Youth: Community Guide for Education, Treatment and Research
    Hyper-Hypo Thyroid, What’s the Diff?
    Reading the Warning Signs of Parkinson’s
    Older Americans Preventing Diabetes
    Asthma Update
    Get Vaccinated and Prevent Measles
    Family History and Heart Disease
    Breast Feeding and Gluten Introduction: What Research Tells Us
    Rashes: A Brief Overview of the Different Causes
    Back to School: Sick Kids - Should They Stay or Should They Go?
    Preventive Cardiology
    Pumping up Heart Warnings on Pain Relievers
    Pre-Diabetes a Chance for Prevention
    Cancer - What does it mean that a chemical causes an increase in cancer risk?
    CDC Urges Sepsis Awareness
    Managing Celiac Disease Through Diet
    Learn the ABCs of Ticks with Dr. Bobbi Pritt
    New Stem Cell Therapy for Crohn’s Fistula
    Male Urethral Stricture Disease: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment
    Trends and Racial Differences in Celiac Disease
    Obesity Can Have Implications Specific to Women
    Coping With Stress: Cognitive-Behavioral Stress Reduction
    What are the Risk Factors for Kidney Disease?
    Can Hypnotics Help Celiac Disease Patients Get a Good Night’s Sleep?
    Aspirin 411: What the New Guidelines Mean
    Kids With Asthma Who Are Exposed To Secondhand Smoke Have Twice As Many Hospitalizations
    Ankle Sprains—Pain Free Does Not Mean Normal
    Sport Concussions in Youth
    Diet and Kidney Stones
    Genetics For Preventive Cardiology
    ‘Creeping Fat’ May Contribute to IBD
    What’s Triggering Your Allergies?
    Is There a Link Between Celiac Disease and Heart Disease?
    Systematic approach helps prevent ACL injury in athletes
    Lupus: Your body's immune system attacks your own tissues and organs
    Psoriasis and beyond: targeting the IL-17 pathway
    A Review of Treatments Available for Celiac Disease
    How to handwash? With soap and water
    Disparities in early childhood obesity: Risk factors and possible solutions
    Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Stroke
    Bone Up on Calcium
    Lose That Burning Feeling (Heartburn)
    Thyroid Nodules and Thyroid Cancer: What You Need to Know
    Zika virus - Questions and answers
    Heartburn or Something More Serious?
    Zika Virus 101
    Microcephaly and Zika virus infection - Questions and answers
    Celiac Disease: What Is a Gluten-Free Diet
    Hepatitis C Lessons on a Chalkboard
    Zika Virus: Four Myths and What You Need to Know
    Is It a Cold or Allergies?
    What is Lupus and Who Gets It?
    5 tips to keep your gut microbiome healthy
    Lungs & Respiratory System
    How Your Thyroid Impacts Your Weight
    Don't Underestimate the Dangers of Heat
    Is it cold, flu or allergies?
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