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Requesting Services

Mental Health

Requesting services is easy.  Simply call or stop by our office in Long Beach or Raymond and meet with one of our staff members.   They will fill out a short form that includes information about income, insurance, referral source and the reason you are seeking services.

Once the Request for Service is done, completing an intake is the next step.   We have times that are available three times per week/nine slots for you to walk in at your convenience to meet with the intake clinician to complete the initial assessment, provide information about treatment and answer all of your questions.   Upon completion of the intake you will leave with an appointment with your therapist scheduled within the next ten days.

During you initial appointment your therapist will explore your treatment options and help identify the recovery goals you want to accomplish with the help of our services.

Chemical Dependency

We now have walk-in times three times per week. Once you have completed your initial paperwork, you will then meet with a chemical dependency counselor. At this appointment you will complete a chemical dependency assessment and discuss treatment options. After you have completed the assessment the next step, if recommended is to schedule a one-one-one to discuss your treatment plan.

We have youth and adult classes that include intensive out patient - 3 times per week and out patient one time per week. 

Chemcial Dependency treatment can be court ordered or self-referral.

Clients Rights
The intake clinician reviews clients rights during the appointment and a copy of these are given to the consumer. Further explanation can be requested at any point in treatment.

North County: 360-942-2303

South County: 360-642-3787