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Family History Questionnaire Ups Genetic Counseling for CRC - 2017-06-23
"For patients undergoing outpatient colonoscopy, a family history questionnaire sent by mail is associated with an increase in available family history and referral for genetic counseling, according to a study published online May 29 in the Journal of Digestive Diseases." More

Blood Test Can Detect GLUT1 Deficiency Syndrome - 2017-06-23
"A simple and rapid blood test can detect GLUT1 deficiency syndrome, according to a study published online May 26 in the Annals of Neurology." More

Wallpaper May Breed Toxins: Study - 2017-06-23
"Fungus on the walls might contribute to 'sick building syndrome,' researchers say." More

A Baby's Skin No Match for the Sun - 2017-06-23
"Shade, clothes and hats offer little ones safe protection, pediatric dermatologist says." More

Fish Eaters Report Less Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain - 2017-06-23
"Study suggests most fish may play role in controlling symptoms." More

Health Tip: Are You Well Enough to Travel? - 2017-06-23
"Skip a flight if you have symptoms " More

Health Tip: Rewarding Kids Without Food - 2017-06-23
"Other 'treats' you can give" More

Can Smartphone Use Bring on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? - 2017-06-23
"Maybe, especially for folks who spend more than 5 hours a day on their devices, study says." More

Patient-Controlled Analgesia Reduces Pain at Higher Cost - 2017-06-22
"For patients presenting to the emergency department in pain, who are subsequently admitted to the hospital, the cost per hour in moderate or severe pain averted is higher for patient-controlled analgesia versus standard care, according to a study published online May 26 in Anaesthesia." More

Lifestyle Changes Might Prevent or Slow Dementia - 2017-06-22
"The public should be aware of this encouraging research, expert says." More

Guided Exercise May Help Chronic Fatigue Patients: Study - 2017-06-23
"Little by little, patients step up activity levels as an expert coaches via phone or online video." More

2006 to 2013 Saw Increase in ER Use for Herpes Zoster - 2017-06-22
"From 2006 to 2013 there was an increase in the number of emergency department visits for herpes zoster, according to a study published online June 21 in JAMA Dermatology." More

Nearly 60 Percent With Conjunctivitis Fill Antibiotic Rx - 2017-06-22
"Antibiotic prescriptions are filled by nearly 60 percent of patients newly diagnosed with acute conjunctivitis, according to a study published online June 14 in Ophthalmology." More

Revisits After Discharge From Observation Up in Elderly - 2017-06-22
"For Medicare beneficiaries age 65 years and older, hospital revisits frequently occur after discharge from observation stays, and have increased over time, according to a study published online June 20 in The BMJ." More

When is Tourette Syndrome Actually Autism? - 2017-06-22
"Repetitive behaviors, restricted interests occur in both disorders, make correct diagnosis tricky, researchers report." More

2470 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)