Weight Loss: More Than Just Dieting & Exercise

Studies show that continued yo-yo dieting is more harmful than helpful, which is why Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness is not offering a diet solution, we are offering a wellness experience that addresses your goals by addressing your physical, mental, nutrition, and movement habits. You will have the opportunity to redefine what healthy looks like for you and learn ways to maintain your whole-body health through the course of your life.

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Our whole person health philosophy

We believe that getting healthy is a whole person experience, not just a physical one. It is about your body and mind’s abilities and limits, what you feed your body, and how you move your body. It is about your genetic and life history and how they affect you. It is the thoughts you entertain, the experiences you have had, the stress that you feel, the things that you allow into your mind, and what you think about your body and whether you respect and feel connected to it. Mental health plays just as big of a role as your physical health in your ability to be healthy, lose or gain weight, and love yourself.

Whole Health

A program that covers it all

“Finally, a weight loss program that covers all the bases! I have never been able to find a program that created a wellness team to wrap around me and address all of my needs until now.”

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Weight Loss for You

More than a Weight Loss Program

Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness has created the Feel Better Program offered at our Long Beach location, which is a 12-week weight loss and wellness program that believes there is health at every size and is geared toward educating and supporting all parts of you, not just your weight goals. Our goal is to approach your wellness from a medical, physical, mental, and emotional

perspective. We will teach you how to take care of your body and mind and work with you to address underlying medical conditions that affect your body’s functioning and abilities. We will address the way you think about food and what you think about yourself when you eat, the way you eat, and the way you do or do not move/exercise. We will also teach you about coping with stress and moving through mental barriers that keep you from loving yourself, respecting your body, and finding self-acceptance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the feel better program include?
  • 60-minute initial physical, lab review, and body composition scan with our primary care provider for medical evaluation and clearance to participate in the weight loss program and to establish a baseline and discuss whether medication will be necessary or helpful.
  • Two, 30-minute follow up medical sessions to discuss any medical or medication questions involved in your program.
  • Monthly body composition scans during the course of the program.
  • 90 minute Initial consultation with Salina Mecham, MSW, LICSW, MAC, SUDP, DVP to assess and discuss how your mental health impacts your wellness and weight goals as well as lay ground work for movement and meal coaching.
  • 30 minute weekly check in with Salina for meal and movement coaching and to process barriers, triggers, and celebrate successes, OR 60-minute weekly group support with Salina where simple, but thoughtful homework will be assigned, and processing of homework will be shared, and strength and inspiration gained through building connection with others experiencing similar things. Group time will also be used to process barriers, triggers, and celebrate successes, and educate and coach on meal and movement.

Additional Cost if recommended during the feel better program:

  • Recommended lab testing (may or may not be covered by insurance)
  • Recommended supplements or vitamins
  • Prescription medication
How does it work?

When you decide to participate in our Feel Better Program, you will need to call our registration staff at 360-642-3787 and ask to be set up on the Feel Better program. They will collect your personal information which must include a working phone number and email so that the Wellness team can contact you.

Our Locations

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