We are a 501c3 company, which means that anything donated to Willapa can be used as a tax deduction. If a person is going to have a large tax bill, we are a place they can donate and receive a letter that they can give their accountant to write off their taxes.

Nearly 90% of our funding comes from Medicaid dollars, which have lower reimbursement rates, so we rely on grants and donations to make up the difference.

Your contribution matters

Your donations go toward helping out families and individuals.

Thank you for being willing to donate to Willapa. You and your contribution matter to the success of our clinics. Your generous donation go towards:

  • Treatment costs for uninsured or underinsured people who are in need of care but cannot afford it.
  • Supplemental training that enables our therapists to stay up to date on the latest models of evidence-based therapy. This allows them to meet the needs of our community with the best resources available.
  • Assisting in purchasing cutting-edge technology to assist in evidence-based treatments for our clients.