Making the choice to seek support after a DUI charge is a commendable step toward understanding and taking responsibility. At Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness, we are here to help you through this often complex and sensitive process.


Court Ordered DUI Evaluation
Have you been issued a court order for a DUI assessment?
This may have also been referred to as: DWI assessment, Substance abuse assessment, Chemical dependency evaluation, Drug & alcohol evaluation, or Addiction assessment
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Have you ever been issued a court ordered DUI Assessment before?
Do you have a form of active government issued ID?
Most of our patients who come in for a court-ordered DUI assessment are able to have their costs covered by Medicaid. Would you like to schedule your evaluation?
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Why Choose To Work With Willapa Behavioral 
Health & Wellness

At Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness, our commitment goes beyond mere obligations. The situation you’re in isn’t an easy one. That’s why we’ve designed our approach to simplify the process while prioritizing and protecting your interests. Here’s why we stand out:

  • Impartiality is KeyOur primary goal is to evaluate for the presence and/or severity of a substance use issue. We remain 100% impartial when it comes to court dealings and we do not make moral judgments about your situation. Your well-being is our primary concern.
  • Your Privacy MattersWhile we provide the court with our recommendations, the intricate details of your assessment stay with us, unless a release to share the information is signed. This confidentiality is not only about protecting your information but also about empowering us to serve you best.
  • Shared UnderstandingsThe legal process can be overwhelming. We work closely with your legal referent(s) to ensure there is an understanding of expectations for your legal requirements. We provide progress reports stating your efforts, successes, and needs, and talk with your referent(s) as needed when there are questions or concerns.

Getting Started

Our DUI Assessment Process Unfolded

For your first appointment, a Substance Use Disorder Professional (SUDP) will conduct a detailed 2-hour assessment based on the ASAM criteria to understand your specific needs. As a part of our evaluation, you will also be required to perform a urine analysis to allow us to gather additional insights into any recent substance use.

Bring The Necessary Documentation

Drivers Abstract: Vital for us to gauge your blood alcohol content at the time of the incident.

Photo Identification: A valid driver’s license or any other official photo ID.

Court Papers: While not mandatory, it’s helpful if you bring along any relevant court documentation to give us a complete view of your circumstances.

Establishing a Solid Foundation

Navigating the Treatment Journey

Our program begins with helping you learn the necessary skills to build a solid foundation. This lays the groundwork for future success, enabling you to manage any potential challenges or triggers effectively.

Structured Path to Recovery

  • Inpatient TreatmentThis immersive treatment option can last anywhere from 30 days to a full year. It provides participants with round-the-clock care in a controlled environment, ensuring they receive the intensive support and resources they need to address their substance use and DUI-related challenges.
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)IOP is a step down in intensity from inpatient treatment. It offers a high level of support while you are still living your day to day life. If you are following the program and making progress, IOP generally runs for 8-12 weeks, with participants attending four – three hour sessions per week. These sessions focus on coping strategies, relapse prevention, and education about the implications of DUI.
  • Outpatient Treatment (OP)OP is a step down in intensity from IOP. If you are following the program and making progress, OP typically spans 8-12 weeks, this treatment offers more flexibility with fewer hours of group per week. Participants attend groups twice a week for two hours per group. Groups cover a range of topics such as maintaining your sobriety, healthy relationships, changing thought patterns, and continued encouragement to make responsible choices to prevent future DUI incidents.
  • ADIS (Alcohol Drug Information School)This 8-hour course dives deep into the risks and consequences of drug and alcohol use, especially after a DUI. Participants learn about the effects of substances and gain strategies for safer choices in the future. (Due to the low need and inability to have enough participants to qualify as a group, we do not currently offer ADIS classes, but we are able to provide an assessment and referral to help you with entrance to an ADIS program.)

We Manage All Communication WIth The Court

Monthly status updates will be sent to the court, DOC officer, lawyer, or other referents as requested detailing your progress in our program. Upon your successful completion, we ensure all pertinent documentation signifying your accomplishment is provided to your referents.

Why Partner with Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness

We’re not just about ticking boxes for court mandates. At Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness, your genuine recovery and well-being are our primary concerns. With our seasoned team and detailed programs, we’re a beacon of hope and recovery for many in Washington.

Taking Initiative - An Alternative Option

You can always be proactive. Before any court directives, if you wish to understand and confront the situation, we’re here to assist with a thorough SUD assessment that you can provide to the court to show you are interested in being proactive in your treatment.

Your Path to Redemption Starts Here

Whether directed by the court or a personal decision, moving towards understanding and recovery is always the right choice. We accept walk-ins or you can call our front desk and schedule an appointment to get started. (360) 942-2303


Are my DUI assessment results confidential?

Absolutely. At Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness, we respect your privacy. While essential details might be conveyed to the court or related legal entities per Washington State laws and regulations, unauthorized parties won’t have access to your information without a signed release of information from you.

How can my DUI assessment outcome influence my legal proceedings?

Your DUI assessment results can have multiple implications on your case:

  • Penalty Decisions: The depth of the issue can guide penalties, from fines to probation terms, or possible diversion opportunities.
  • Treatment Mandates: Based on assessment results, the court may mandate that you follow through with the assessment recommendations.
  • Driving Privileges: The outcomes can influence decisions about suspending or reinstating driving rights.

*It’s crucial to talk with your legal counsel for precise implications.

What if I don’t agree with my DUI assessment results?

Should you find yourself in disagreement with the assessment outcome, you’re entitled to seek a second opinion. Open communication with your lawyer and our evaluator ensures the evaluation fairly represents your scenario.

Will I be subjected to frequent testing, and what if a test comes back positive?

Yes, random urine analysis is part of our treatment program and is often asked for by courts. A positive result might mean:

  • Legal Consequences: Potentially heightened penalties or stricter probation clauses.
  • Treatment Revisions: An increase in the level of program intensity may be necessary to address the identified concerns.