Nurturing Mind, Body, and Spirit: Tailored Mental Health Treatment Programs

At Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness in Montesano, we believe your overall health depends not only on your physical health but also on the health of your mind and spirit. Poor mental health can make you vulnerable to physical illness, decrease your quality of life and interfere with your ability to function professionally and personally.

Our therapists can guide you on your mental health journey—our treatment programs center on serving each patient as an individual. Our goal is to provide you with the skills necessary to form healthy relationships, function in daily life and cope with life’s stressors. Through our program, you can meet people in similar situations to your own, along with specialists who lead the recovery groups.

Who Can Receive Treatment at Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness in Montesano?

Everyone is welcome in our programs. Our mental health experts are trained to work with individuals who struggle with mental disorders like depression, anxiety and addiction. Likewise, adult couples who seek therapy may have more success at mending their relationship. Professionals can work with them on the aspects of themselves that prevent a positive, progressive relationship.

At Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness, we can also serve the entire family. When children and teens are involved, we take a whole family approach to increase the odds of a successful outcome. Childhood is full of physical, mental and social changes. It is entirely natural for children to need help navigating big emotions and life’s hurdles.

Is Holistic Mental Health Care Right for Me?

Holistic mental health care puts you at the center of the treatment plan. Mental health specialists address your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional needs as a whole unit. All patients experience the world uniquely based on their experiences, social connections, professional lives and physical health. While treating underlying conditions is essential, patients respond better when specialists design a plan around the whole picture.

Leaving yourself to struggle with mental illness never ends well. Therapy addresses the thoughts and feelings that we keep to ourselves. Without therapy, we bear the weight of anxiety, depression and chronic stress. Those feelings worsen as more time passes. If you are spiraling or devolving into destructive behaviors, you may need someone to throw you a lifeline. Our facility has compassion for every patient who comes to us, no matter your situation.

What Can I Expect From Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness?

Our Montesano office offers various services, including substance use disorder treatment, anger management, peer services and more. Our caring, attentive team will prepare an individualized plan for every patient. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Two people with the same mental health disorders may need two very different treatment plans.

We will connect you with a therapist to discuss your current situation to determine the best course of action. Before your treatment, we can determine if you have any mental health disorders requiring immediate attention. If you are struggling with your mental health, please get in touch with our Montesano office at (360) 942-2303.

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