Are you or someone you love struggling with substance abuse? Substance abuse disorder can be immensely difficult to overcome, but here at Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness, our caring and knowledgeable team of mental health professionals can help. We utilize a variety of highly effective counseling methods to help our patients learn more about themselves as well as their conditions. Our practice always strives to provide the Montesano area with comprehensive substance abuse disorder treatment services.

What is Substance Use Disorder?

Often abbreviated SUD, substance use disorder is a medical condition that impacts a person’s brain structure and behavior, preventing them from controlling their use of a specific drug. Millions of Americans struggle with SUD each year, and often, factors such as genetics, mental health disorders, and environment can contribute to a person’s predisposition to the disorder. Common symptoms of substance use disorder include:

  • Overwhelming urges to use a drug
  • Feeling you must use a drug daily or multiple times a day
  • Failing to stop using a drug
  • Having to increase the dosage of a drug over time to experience a high
  • Spending excessive amounts of money on a drug
  • Failing to meet personal, work, or school obligations due to drug use
  • Engaging in risky activities while under the influence of a drug

If you are experiencing any of the previously listed symptoms, it may be time to seek care from a professional.

How We Treat Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction

Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness offers a host of substance abuse treatment services to help our patients recover and avoid relapse. Patients often benefit from one or more of our following services:

  • Individual counseling
  • Outpatient group therapy
  • Urine analysis (UA) and mouth swab testing
  • Monthly monitoring
  • MRT therapy

During counseling sessions, patients aim to discover the emotional and psychological roots of their drug abuse. As time progresses, they will learn coping techniques to combat their triggers and hold themselves accountable for their progress. Group therapy provides patients with an opportunity to engage with others struggling with SUD and increase accountability.

Inpatient and Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Depending on the nature of your medical condition, you may need either inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment. If you need inpatient treatment, our team will help you get placed in a treatment facility. We can even arrange transportation if necessary.

If you don’t need inpatient care, you do still have the option to enroll in our intensive outpatient program. Patients who meet the criteria for intensive outpatient care will receive an appointment for the following week. During the appointment, you will work with our mental health professionals to create a unique treatment plan. You will be expected to attend weekly group counseling sessions, and our team works directly with courts, probation officers, and other referents if you need proof of your treatment. Urine analysis is conducted twice a month.

Contact Our Montesano Location

Recovering from substance use disorder is a journey, and Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness wants to be there for you every step of the way. With our effective combination of therapy and group counseling, you will be on your way to living the life you want free of substance abuse. Contact our Montesano location to get started.

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