Breaking the Cycle: Comprehensive Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment Services

We at Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness in Montesano are dedicated to providing quality domestic violence intervention treatment services for our community. We are able to work with the courts, DCYF, and other referents to ensure that your participation in treatment is reported as needed and requirements of our program are met.

Should I Pursue Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment?

If you are a partner who has perpetrated violence, has issues of control, or used abusive actions or language toward your intimate partner, getting treatment has the potential to lead to a better future. No one likes to think of themselves as being abusive, and seeking treatment can be upsetting and uncomfortable, however, it can make a meaningful difference in the quality of your relationships and your own happiness.

Our Treatment Can Make a Difference

Our counselors will work with you to build understanding and awareness about your belief systems and behaviors and help identify where potential for growth may lie. Our staff at Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness in Montesano highly value respect, accountability, and compassion, and we make it our mission to show this to all people that walk through our doors because we understand that every person and situation is unique.

What Does a DV Assessment Look Like?

DV assessments have many pieces. The interview portion of the assessment typically lasts two hours and covers many questions about your past and present, your criminal history, your beliefs, and other facts about yourself and relationships. You will be required to bring a case history (sometimes called a criminal history) report along with an incident report for any assault and DV charges on your record. You will also sign releases of information for the counselor to collect collateral information to assist with the assessment findings. Once the assessment is complete, if necessary, a level of care will be recommended, and each level is tied to a time requirement for treatment, per the state of Washington.

How Our Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment Works

Once we have created a treatment plan, you will begin attending DV groups. Each week, we meet in a group setting where education and individual assignments are learned and discussed. The assignments are personalized to your needs to address specific your risk and needs assessment.

The Effectiveness of Our Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment

The effort that you put into your treatment will directly affect what you are able to gain from treatment. Our participants are encouraged to put in their all so they can get the absolute most that we have to provide. Let’s be honest, most people are not thrilled to enroll in DV treatment, however, we have seen time and time again how our participants grow and evolve in ways that greatly benefit them and their loved ones. Their relationships with their partners improve, they understand themselves at a deeper level, they learn skills for managing stress, releasing control, managing financial obligations, and know how to have healthier communication.

Our goal at Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness is to help you recognize and change unhealthy beliefs and habits surrounding domestic violence and provide you with a brighter future. Our Montesano clinic is found on West Pioneer Avenue near Fleet Park. If you have any further questions or just want to learn more, feel free to contact our team.

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