We all experience anger sometimes. Anger is an adaptive emotion meant to protect us from threats and injustices by boosting our heart rate and increasing adrenaline, motivating us to take action. However, anger doesn’t affect everyone the same. Where one group may respond to triggers with intense, sudden anger, others may internalize their anger and appear chronically grumpy.

We understand that people have varying tolerances for anger. If anger disrupts your daily life or interferes with your relationships, our anger management classes can teach you proven techniques to express yourself in a more healthy manner.

How Do You Know if Anger Management Classes Are Right for You?

According to one study, about 75% of all people who receive anger management treatment see an improvement in their ability to control their anger. When anger controls your life and affects the people closest to you, anger management classes can be a saving grace. Anger management groups teach you the strategies necessary to cope with your emotions.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, anger management classes could be right for you.

  • I have a history of combative behavior.
  • As a result of my anger, I have experienced many negative consequences.
  • There have been times where my anger has stopped me from achieving my goals.
  • I would probably be more successful in my life if I had better control of my anger.
  • I am frequently angry, and that anger lasts a long time and has trouble subsiding.

*If your anger has led you to abusive behavior such as hitting, name calling and roughness with your spouse, DV treatment is recommended and not anger management.


We are ready to help at Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness in Long Beach

At Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness, we proudly serve our clients by providing high-quality anger management classes in Long Beach. Our goal is to provide exceptional and accessible services to our local community. Please contact our office at (360) 642-3787 if you have any questions concerning anger management. We are happy to help you in any way you need.

How Do We Cultivate a Positive Environment for Our Patients?

We focus on mutual respect and trust with our clients. We do not judge or seek to criticize for past events in your life. We seek to build a therapeutic relationship of trust and mutual respect so that it is more comfortable to be open and do the work necessary for progression. Our classes in Long Beach are designed to help you recognize, control and overcome your anger in a kind, respectful environment.

What Can You Expect During Our Anger Management Program?

Treatment for anger management is best done in a group setting as groups allow for expanded learning and growth. We are able to learn from each other’s experiences, benefit from lessons learned and have the gift of insight and support from people who know what you are going through. You will learn skills and have the opportunity to explore and understand how your anger works and how to give it boundaries through homework assignments tailored to your needs.

What Makes Our Anger Management Program Effective?

Our treatment staff get to know you. They prepare an individualized treatment plan with your unique needs in mind to support you throughout the program. All client treatment options are suggested based on the patient’s individual circumstances and underlying conditions.

Ready to Register for our Anger Management Program?

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