We all feel anger from time to time — it’s a normal emotion that helps us process and show our feelings. Anger affects everyone in different ways, but it is important to find healthy methods to express it so you can protect your mental and physical well-being, and maintain your relationships.

If anger is impacting your day-to-day life, we are here to help. At Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness in Raymond, our anger management classes teach clients proven techniques to cope with anger in healthy ways. Our caring mental health therapists will listen to your unique experience, offering highly-personalized, affordable treatment in a welcoming environment.

Are Anger Management Classes Right for Me?

From group anger management programs to individualized therapy, the goal of anger management is to reduce your emotional feelings and the body’s physiological response to anger. Many different factors can cause anger issues, including stress, family conflict, and even underlying disorders such as depression and addiction.

A mental health professional can determine whether you have an underlying condition and help you develop tools to change your thinking and behavior. According to a study exploring the effectiveness of therapy for treating anger, 75% of people receiving anger management therapy improved as a result. If anger is affecting your life and the ones around you, anger management classes can teach you strategies to manage it.

We Provide Affordable Treatment in a Calming Environment

Our anger management classes in Raymond are designed to help clients recognize, overcome, and control anger in an intimate group environment led by one of our mental health therapists. We provide holistic care, taking into account mental and social factors that may also be affecting you.

What to Expect in Our Anger Management Classes

Our group anger management program, which can be completed in 8-10 weeks, teaches strategies using the Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) model and Coping With Anger workbook. The workbook has eight steps that clients must complete by writing, drawing, and presenting to their peers.

What is the MRT Model?

MRT is a cognitive behavioral program widely implemented across the United States. This therapy treatment strategy seeks to increase moral reasoning and has facilitated positive, measurable change for those struggling with mental health issues. Over 200 studies have been published on MRT, showing the positive effects of this treatment. It is a highly effective treatment for clients who have been unsuccessful with past attempts to participate in other behavioral health services.

Why Our Anger Management Program is Effective

Whether you have tried to get anger management help in the past or this is your first time seeking help, our therapists are here to provide the high-quality treatment you deserve. They will take the time to get to know you and support your progress throughout the program. Our therapists can recommend the best treatments to help you heal, whether that be our anger management program alone, or combined with other mental health or substance abuse services.

Get the Help You Deserve at Willapa Behavioral Health and Wellness in Raymond

We are honored to be one of the exclusive providers of anger management classes in Raymond, and we aim to provide accessible and exceptional anger management services to the people of our coastal community. In addition to our Raymond location, we also offer anger management classes at our Long Beach and Montesano clinics.

If you have any questions about our anger management program for yourself or a loved one, please contact our office. Our team is happy to answer any concerns or questions and walk you through the next steps for registration.

Ready to Register for our Anger Management Program?

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