In addition to receiving treatment and therapy, it often helps to talk about your experience with someone who has been in your shoes. At Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness in Raymond, we offer peer services to clients receiving treatment for and recovering from mental health symptoms or substance use disorders. Our certified Peer Support Specialists have been successful in their own recovery and want to use their experience to help inspire those who are currently struggling.

Are Peer Services Right for Me?

While professional therapists and counselors will help you progress through treatment, peer support offers a level of acceptance, understanding, and validation not found in professional relationships. A Peer Support Specialist will share their own recovery experience and practical guidance they have learned along the way to spark hope and encouragement. They can stay engaged in your recovery process, reducing the likelihood of relapse. Here are a few proven benefits of peer services:

Get Connected with an Understanding Peer Support Specialist

Our peer support team in Raymond wants to become a part of your treatment and recovery journey. Our peer services session duration depends on peer and client availability, as well as the client’s needs. The goal of peer services is to build on what your therapy is currently working on while fostering a supportive relationship with someone who understands what you are going through.

How Our Peer Services Can Help You

In addition to your ongoing treatment and therapy, you can regularly meet with a Peer Support Specialist to discuss your thoughts, struggles, and successes. Discover the different ways our peer services can help you heal and stay in recovery:

Why our Peer Services Treatment is Effective

We offer an array of holistic and highly-personalized health care treatments, including our peer services, to help people in our community get help and maintain recovery. Our Peer Service Specialists aim to uphold our values of kindness and loyalty and are committed to helping our clients improve their lives. Countless studies and mental health and substance abuse organizations have shown the effectiveness of peer services beyond the clinical setting, helping clients feel supported in their everyday environments.

Get the Help and Support You Deserve at Willapa Behavior Health and Wellness

As one of the few providers of peer services in the town of Raymond, we take pride in offering affordable and accessible care to the people of our community. Our team is committed to our clients and personally cares about their progress and well-being. In addition to our Raymond location, we also offer peer services at Willapa Behavioral Health in Long Beach.

If you have any questions about how our peer services can help you or a loved one, please contact our team today. They will be in touch to help you learn more about our services and registration.

Ready to Connect with a Peer Specialist at Our Raymond Clinic?

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