Whether your child has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder or is experiencing behavioral challenges, we are here to help your child and family with our wraparound intensive services (WISe). At Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness in Raymond, our highly-personalized WISe program creates a hug around your family with a team of trauma-informed therapists, family and youth peers, and community members. By placing children and family at the center of care, our integrated family therapy can help your child grow up in their home and community successfully.

Are WISe Services Right for Your Child and Family?

WISe services differ from other youth and family intervention services because they provide a comprehensive and holistic way of responding to mental health conditions and behavioral challenges in children or youth. Services are available in home and community settings, and offer individualized, ongoing support to parents, siblings, and the affected youth. With the help of a team, the family and youth identify goals and develop an individualized treatment plan that meets their needs.

According to one study on WISe participants from the Social & Economic Sciences Research Center, somewhat high to very high proportions of participants agreed that the WISe Team was able to help them identify their strengths and needs, achieve their treatment goals, and build confidence in their ability to deal with future problems. Another recent study highlighted the positive effects of wraparound treatment, especially for maintaining youths with serious emotional disturbance (SED) in the home and community.

About Our Supportive WISe Family Therapy Services

As a non-traditional, integrated approach to therapy, our WISe services in Raymond are designed to support a family inside and outside of a clinical therapy setting. We help treat children and youth between the ages of 0 to 21 and create a team of four to wrap around a youth and their families.

What to Expect with WISe Services

With the enrollment of WISe services, a family will be introduced to their team of four, who will provide trauma-informed care and help them with behavioral, social, and family issues, struggles in school, and with legal and CPS engagements. A WISe team consists of a:

  • Care Coordinator Our care coordinators help bring all parts of the youth’s support system together to plan how to aid in the support and treatment of the youth and family.
  • Therapist A professional therapist will meet with the youth and their family separately, then together, to assist in processing traumatic events, addressing belief systems, emotional regulation, attachment, and other therapeutic items that may arise.
  • Family Peer A family peer has a lived experience that can understand and relate to what the family is going through. They support the parents and siblings of the youth in treatment. The family peer assists in problem-solving behavioral issues, being a sounding board, and reinforcing the knowledge of skills learned.
  • Youth Peer The youth peer is a person with lived experience who can understand what the youth is going through. They support the youth and assist in problem-solving behavioral issues, school-related issues, social issues, and offer general support.

About the Screening Process

The Child Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) screening tool, which consists of 26 questions, is completed over the phone or in person with our WISe staff member. If the screening tool shows you are:

  • Eligible

    If you do need this level of care, the WISe team member will provide the next steps and information about treatment.
  • Not Eligible

    If you do not appear to need this level of care, the WISe team member can talk to you about doing mental health services at a lower intensity of care.

How Do I Know if My Child is Eligible?

Our WISe services in Raymond are available to Medicaid-eligible children and youth from birth to age 21 that meet access to care standards. These standards are used by mental health agencies to gauge the right level of services for individuals. If you are a youth over the age of 13, you can ask for WISe screen for yourself. If you are under 13, you need permission from a parent or guardian. And if you are a parent, you can refer your child for a WISe screening at any time, but after the age of 13, a child must consent to services.

Why WISe is Effective for Families

WISe services provide the opportunity for parents and children to connect with caring professionals and understanding peers who have been through similar situations. While traditional therapy addresses challenges in a clinical setting, WISe services support a family throughout all areas of their life — involving family members, friends, teachers, and other community members. Our team of trauma-informed therapists and providers aims to help families and children receive the treatment and support they need to heal and succeed.

Get the Help Your Family Deserves at Willapa in Raymond

Willapa Behavioral Health is honored to be one of the few providers of WISe services in the town of Raymond, making family therapy services affordable and accessible to people in our community. We offer highly-personalized care in an empathetic and calm environment and are here to provide professional treatment and guidance.

If you have any questions about our WISe services, screenings, or paperwork, please contact our office in Raymond today. Our team is happy to help you complete the Child Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) screening tool or walk you through the next steps.

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