WIillapa Behavioral Health & Wellness is DSHS Certified to Provide Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment in Raymond, Long Beach & Montessano

At Willapa Behavioral Health & Wellness in Raymond, we provide highly-personalized domestic violence (DV) intervention training and treatment services for those who have committed acts of violence or abuse toward their intimate partner. Our DV treatment includes assessments, classes, treatment groups, and individual sessions where necessary. We will work with your referents and the courts to assist you in getting the treatment needed and required in a discreet and empathetic environment. By offering affordable domestic violence services, we aim to help those who have participated in abuse or violence against their intimate partner to get the care they need to improve their relationships and lives.

Is Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment Right for Me?

If you have perpetrated domestic violence, you may greatly benefit from domestic violence classes and intervention treatment. Group counseling can help you understand what past trauma and situations may be contributing to unwanted or unwelcome violent behaviors as an adult as well as help you learn how to overcome stress, manage emotions, change beliefs, identify unhealthy patterns, recognize triggers, and take accountability for your behaviors.

We Provide Affordable Treatment in an Understanding Environment

We strive to have a culture of kindness in our agency. When you meet with our certified DV treatment providers, you will be treated with dignity and respect and walked through what you can expect. We do not judge and understand that every situation is unique and should be looked at from an objective lens.

What to Expect During the Assessment

The counselor conducting the DV assessment will ask you questions about relationships, the event(s) that prompted the assessment, your legal history, your belief systems, and ask you to fill out a few screening tools that will further assist the process. Please plan on the assessment lasting up to two hours. You will not be given the results right away as the counselor will need to collect and synthesize collateral information to come to an appropriate recommendation. Once a recommendation has been determined, the counselor will contact you with the results and send a summary of the results to your requested referent.

About Our Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment

Our professional counseling services are built to help you learn about your belief systems and patterns, better understand your behaviors, and develop healthier relationships. In our program, we will examine your beliefs and values and how they relate to the relationships in your life. DV intervention treatment is held in group settings once a week. Each week, you will be given an assignment and asked to present in the group the following week. These assignments are specific to your needs and will help you gain awareness and learn more about yourself.

Why Our Domestic Intervention Treatment is Effective

Our team members are trauma-informed and treat our clients with dignity and respect. We believe our clients are more than an incident that happened, and there is a difference between being a bad person and making a bad decision. Our treatment works when clients allow themselves to be open, take stock of themselves, and become aware of their patterns and triggers.

Help is Available to You at Willapa Behavioral Health in Raymond

As the exclusive provider of domestic violence intervention treatment in Pacific County, we aim to provide accessible and affordable health care to the people in our community. Our Raymond clinic is located off Ocean Avenue on the second floor of the clinic. In addition to our Raymond clinic, we also offer domestic violence intervention treatment services at our Long Beach and Montesano locations. 

If you have any questions about our domestic violence intervention services for yourself, a loved one, or a friend, please contact our team today. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns, schedule an appointment, or guide you through any paperwork.

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